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A Personalized Approach to Digital Marketing

Reach, hook and close the right audience using cutting-edge digital marketing techniques that harness the limitless potential of the web.

At Hayde Digital by Pinetree, we build relationships with our clients and with their audiences, by tailoring innovative content-based campaigns that improve Google search rankings, lead generation, conversion and user experience. All this, using the latest tools and with an uncompromising commitment to comply with Google and Facebook’s ever-changing algorithms.

Where we stand out?

All smart marketing starts with content – and it’s no wonder it is at the heart of what we do.

We offer custom SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services aimed at improving your website’s organic rankings in Google search results. This long-term approach is favored by business owners because it yields steady, long-lasting and high quality traffic. Our secret is a mix of stellar, relevant and optimized content, along with an unrivaled in-depth understanding of search engine algorithms – first and foremost, Google.


In the near term, we also offer PPC (pay per click) marketing services on platforms that includes Google and Facebook. These campaigns can potentially generate ROI overnight, relying on comprehensive audience, competitor and keyword research, media buying and ongoing optimization to ensure budget, targeting, creative and messaging remain on point. These campaigns are also effective at achieving a number of different objectives, from traffic generation to app downloads, branding and – of course – conversion.


Whichever method or combination you choose, we provide the framework. We conduct all research, produce content, set up the campaigns, monitor consistently and optimize at every turn. This includes creating ad-hoc landing pages and managing all aspects of the campaigns on platforms such as Outbrain, LinkedIn, Taboola, Outbrain, Youtube, Zapier and more.


What to expect

  • Constant communication – as little or as much as you’d like
  • A professional team dedicated to your needs and objectives
  • Accelerated growth


The Team

אנידור חקק

Anidor Hakak

Co founder
gm israel

Anidor began his career as an online content manager and an SEO expert. Anidor is also a talented lecturer in universities and private colleges and a well known blogger. 

בן אורן - פיינטרי

Ben Oren


Well-known expert in the international Digital Marketing community, often consulted by global brands looking to boost their online visibility

SEJ Contributor and Startup mentor

By The Gurus:

After more than 10 years of optimizing and promoting leading brands, we decided to combine  our experience and knowledge into one SaaS (software as a service).

We provide a wide range of services that meet the highest SEO standards, including Google Guidelines. This includes technical SEO, link building & outreach, and content strategy.

For more details:  By The Gurus